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    Cindy Carroll and her fight against Cancer

    After being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2016, Cindy was months away from hitting her 5 year mark of being cancer free when her cancer relapsed. Now Cindy will have to make yet another trip to Vanderbilt where she will stay for more than 3 months to undergo her second bone marrow transplant. She recently found out that along with the extreme expense of medical bills, her housing alone during this 3+ month period will be completely out of pocket.


    About Cindy

    From her cousin - Lori Montagne

    "If you know Cindy, you know these things to be true: Cindy is the kindest person I know, the light of Jesus shines through her, she brings laughter to every room she enters, she has never known a stranger, and she would lend a hand to anyone in need"

    “God is within her, she will not fall.” Psalm 46:5

    Vireo Systems wants to help

    I have known Cindy since our boys were very young and anyone that knows her for even a short period of time would agree that Cindy Carroll is the kindest, most generous, selfless woman you will ever meet.

    There is ordinary. There is extraordinary.

    Then ahead by a mile is Cindy Carroll

     When her cousin Lori started a gofundme page for her, I I reached out to another extraordinay human, Mark Faulkner. Mark is the CEO and Founder of Vireo Systems, Inc. I sent Mark and email about an idea for a fundraiser and without hesitation, Mark was on board and took things a step further and offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from our fundraiser sales to Cindy and her family.


    Between now and the end of January 2022, Vireo Systems will donate 100% of the proceeds from the fundraiser sales of Sanz Laundry Detergent to Cindy and her family.  

    What is Sanz Laundry Detergent ?

    SANZ (or SANS- meaning WITHOUT)

    is made from four simple ingredients:

    Water, Citrus Extracts, Salts, and DfE* Soaps

    (*conforming to 'Designed for the Environment' guidelines)


    So what exactly is Sanz without?

    Sanz is without harsh chemicals

    Sanz is without artificial fragrances or dyes

    Sanz is without 1,4 dioxane ( a common chemical found in many detergents)

    Sanz is without paraben, phosphates, or optical brighteners

    But what makes Sanz different than other "natural" detergents is that Sanz not only cleans better than the other natural or eco friendly detergents, Sanz actually outperforms leading detergents in third party independent testing.  

    Questions? We are here to help!

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